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Choosing a Webhosting Company

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Obtaining a webhosting service allows you space on a web server to promote your website on the World Wide Web. It is essential to have the services of a webhosting company because they store your web pages that structure your website.

Features of a good webhosting service

Affordable webhosting may seem like the best path to take, BUT beware of cheap limitations!


The cheaper it is, the less less features you getting and having negative aspects on your webhosting service is not what you are looking for in today's competitive internet industry.  However going for the ultimate webhosting package might not be so bright either because you could be robbed blind.

When searching for a webhosting service it is best not to rush this process and rather take your time with comparing prices of the same required package, including features.

There are certain features that a webhosting service should have that provides you your money's worth. First of all, there are 2 main types of affordable webhosting:

1) Webhosting on a dedicated server:
Usually used for large sized businesses and although it's a bit costly, the assistance is on offer if you need it. This also means that you are the only person hosting on the server and it helps to know your hosting server will not be black or grey listed due to spam coming from another domain on your server.   

2) Shared webhosting by a webhosting service provider:T
his is the most affordable type of hosting on offer. Small to medium sized businesses will benefit from this type of hosting because if its affordability. This is where the webhosting company would take care and control of everything from upgrades to maintenance when it comes to webhosting server software. If you go for shared hosting simply make positively sure about the hosting policies that the hosting company maintains. With enough strict measures in place this is by far the best and most affordable hosting option available. Make sure the hosting company is not hosting filth or pornographic sites on the same server as what your website is hosted on because these are potential spam bringers and such a server is bound to be black or grey listed at least once a month.

To make a concrete decision on a web hosting company, begin to seek the qualities of their services.  The following are the basic hosting features that you should enquire about : reliability, uptime, bandwidth, speed, awstats, c-panel.

Make sure the chosen webhosting company is Reliable!
Reliable web hosting servers:

A good quality webhosting company will provide you with 98% server uptime, ensuring your website is on display 98% of the time.

Technical webhosting support:
A reliable webhosting company that provides quality services will always allow clients to contact them, whether it's via e-mail, phone or fax and are able to respond rapidly to your questions and wishes.

A very important feature that a reliable, affordable webhosting company will provide is awstats. Awstats is a tool to get web statistics. Awstats will show the numerical data of visitors to your site and their time spent, the locations of visitors to your website and where they were referred from. It is data that your website will receive monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.

C-Panel is one of the best control panels used by web hosting companies and allows the website owner to control any webhosting related tasks with regards to maintaining a web site. With C-panel the maintenance of a website becomes simple. Tasks like setting up databases, additional email addresses, FTP accounts, or checking web statistics are all made easy with C-panel.

C-Panel is allows you to do all of these difficult tasks from a user-friendly dashboard. web hosting companies offer C-Panel which includes the remarkable Fantastico add on. With Fantastico you need absolutely no database or script knowledge to install some of the most advanced content managed systems on your hosting server.

Webhosting with Fantastico
With Fantastico it replaces the need for PHP knowledge and the complicated FTP procedure to submit zipped files to the hosting server and unzipping these files in the correct folders. From the Fantastico panel several server side applications can be installed with ease. Examples of these would include: Joomla, OS commerce, Wordpress (blogging software), PHP nuke. Depending on what your web hosting service Fantastico may have several applications that can be installed at the click of a mouse. The fact that most of your state of the art content managed systems (CMS) applications is quick and easy to install, I would recommend that you choose a web hosting service that offers Fantastico.

Features of a quality, reliable and affordable web hosting service:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Uptime
  • Awstats
  • C-panel

With so many features to keep in mind, a good choice is to ask a web hosting expert for free advice that will help you carefully choose the best option for your online business. You can also read testimonials of other satisfied customers of different web hosting companies to assist your decision.

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