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Marketing Personalisation

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Its all about getting personal
There is SO much noise in marketing! If you are not meeting the exact needs of your target market, you are just adding to the noise.
What do we mean by that?
Well in simple terms it boils down to speaking to the direct and immediate needs of your audience, otherwise you become just another source of noise to them…Personalising means that you look deeper into the exact needs of your clients and speaking to that rather than being a random megaphone that simply irritates them, in an already over saturated sea of marketing.


Now before you jump over to your email software to send your clients a more “personalised” email, lets look at what else we can do to personalise our marketing. Email marketing still works, don’t get me wrong but it’s getting increasingly harder to get through to people via email. 
The biggest problem nowadays is that the client expectations are changing and we kinda have to adapt and change accordingly. Which brings me to the big UX Factor.

UX is short for User Experience and sadly if your user isn’t having a good experience, they will quickly move to another provider that gives them a better experience! 
Guys and Girls - One size doesn’t fit all anymore! Starbucks the coffee giant, makes room for customised coffee and they’re not doing it to get fancy, they know and have studied into client behaviours and they doing it because they need to!

How do we start Marketing personalisation?
I would advice starting simple. First of all, think of how you can personalise your marketing message to certain people. This of course, starts with knowing who your clients are and shaping a good customer avatar of your ideal client. Should you speak differently to woman than what you speak to men? Certainly! The more personalised your message gets, the better you will sell!

Furthermore think of how you can personalise your products or services and give your client an amazing experience. Little things matter, like how easy was it to get hold of you, how simple was it to get the product the client initially wanted… Even a small thank you note or a follow up call after the sale, can make a huge difference to the overall user experience and how they feel about just spending money with you.

These are the things that gets people talking and more so, keep coming back. In conclusion, I highly recommend looking into Marketing personalisation as a matter of urgency…your competitors are.

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