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Web hosting facts

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Setting up and maintaining webhosting server is an expensive and complicated full time position for any company. With the vast amount of technologies that you need to set up and be familiar with, all at once, you will need a full time web hosting team.

You need to get your site live and don't have the time to learn all the Networking and Scripting skills - our web hosting professionals have already mastered that a few years ago. 


It would be nearly impossible to do it yourself. Outsourcing webhosting to a professional webhosting company like ours will save you money and you will have the backup you need, when you need it. How do you know a webhosting company will be the correct one to choose? 

By asking yourself the following questions:
Is your new web site to be hosted soon, going to be a business, organisation, or personal site?
How much of an impact would web hosting have on your business, if your website is offline for several hours every month?
Will your site need to sell things or will it possibly sell things in the future?
Will it need forums, hit counters, search capabilities or other server side scripting?
How much would it benefit your company to be able to have a database full of registered clients to market your product or services to? Can the webhosting company you choose deliver this?

Consider your marketing budget, look around and see how much all this would cost you.
Now seriously look at our Webhosting packages to see what you should be offered at which price.

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