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Webdesign in South Africa

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Having your web design done in South Africa would not mean that it is limited to South African web design strategies. Webdesign in South Africa has evolved dramatically in the past 2 years. In Fact, webdesign done in South Africa today is of a very high standard if you can lay your hands on the correct South African webdesign company.

Webdesign in South Africa follow strict Global standards and the big plus behind having your webdesign done with a South African webdesign company would be the price.

Compared to the US Dollar SA rand is still cheaper for local and International companies. Having said that I am not saying webdesign in South Africa is cheap but rather Webdesign in South Africa is good quality at a cheaper price.

Which Webdesign company should you choose in South Africa?

Often the question would come up about which webdesign company in South Africa is best... There is no such thing! Most webdesign companies in South Africa would strive to be the best, but truth is, the minute the one stands out in one or the other field of web design, the other one has a counter strategy. Webdesign in South Africa is a bit like the cellular network providers, forever competing...forever looking at better.

Points to ponder when choosing a Webdesign company

  • Determine your expectation about what this webdesign company should provide. Determine the purpose of your webdesign.
  • Determine what you can not compromise in your webdesign needs.
  • State your webdesign needs clearly to your web design company. Have all content - text, graphics, ideas and anything else you need on your web site, in place to provide to your webdesign company. (Many people badmouth web design companies in South Africa, but they have not provided the company with adequate content and info to get the professional web design done that they were looking for)
  • Does your webdesign need to be designed with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind? If yes does the webdesign company know how to optimise the web design for South Africa with local South African Search Engines in mind?
  • Webdesign in South Africa should be done like anywhere else in the world however below you will find specific points

Tips on Web design in South Africa

  • Most people still run a sluggish ADSL connection and browse websites with exactly that.
  • Make sure your graphics are optimised for speed.
  • Make sure your web design is done with SEO in mind. (70% of web design South Africa was done without this)
  • Even with web design South Africa you would need enough quality content.
  • You need a lot of back links to your website.
  • Webdesign South Africa requires spam free sites and a clean look and feel is advisable - South African web visitors dislike clutter immensely!
  • Webdesign South Africa should incorporate affiliate marketing; this is one sure method of getting visitors to you web site.
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