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Which Content works best on which Social Media Platform?

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As social media managers, we want to distribute your content across the social platforms and really act as a megaphone to amplify your best content. We do this because this is what builds a following, gets attention and starts building a relationship, with your ideal client.

The types of content that are best for every platform is constantly evolving but I will give you some ideas as to what works well on each Social media Platform.

For Twitter
Images with links & Hashtags work well. You want to make sure that you always link out to your best content though.

For Instagram
While it's not possible to link out to your content in a post, we can do well with beautiful images, hashtags, and even short videos & animated GIF’s. You also want to make sure you remind your audience to go to your link in the Bio, seeing that you can’t place a link right there, in the Instagram post.

On LinkedIn
We have a wealth of features on LinkedIn that most people don’t use. Unlike other Social media platforms, LinkedIn has a built-in WYSIWYG editor, that enables you to format your Articles, exactly the way you want it! So you can take your existing content, and repurpose it, for LinkedIn PLUS format it the way you like it! There are large amounts of Groups that you can join too. I would encourage that because it will help you to broaden your following and allow you to connect with people that belong to those same groups. Linked is also integrated with SlideShare. This enabled you to share slides directly on the platform too.

This platform is quite specific to the content it prefers. What works well on Pinterest is vertical content rather than Landscape or Square. Infographics work well too and you want to opt-in for the more flashy type of content, that gets attention quickly. Pinterest also has a Featured image ability. So you can choose which Image to feature in your Pinterest board and obviously, this enables us to choose the one that grabs the most attention.
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Video, Video & more video! You want to make sure you produce at least a couple of good videos for your Business. There is nothing that gets more attention than video! The stats have proven this over and over again! On YouTube, you can link to your blog post about the same topic and on your Blog, its a very good idea to embed the YouTube video. Why? Because Google values that people stay on your web pages as opposed to getting bounce backs! So generally if the is a Video on your Blog post, people are curious and they may watch the video before they go back to Google. This is referred to as a “Sticky” in web development terms. We give people a reason to stay on our pages.

The short video, images, and Animated Gif works well on Facebook. Keep in mind that people are on Facebook, to either chill and relax and simply do some mindless scrolling, or they are there to be entertained. Get your Marketing content for Facebook, to be something that falls into these categories. It sometimes takes a little more skill and graphic design knowledge, but we are should try and create the “scroll-stopping” types of posts that get the viewers attention.


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