Google Adwords Agreement

Our desire is to delight our client. One way is to make clear our understandings with each other.

These are the terms of our agreement with you :

By entering this Agreement with Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) you give us permission to access, manage and change your Google AdWords account for the purposes of optimisation and marketing of your web site/s.

2.1 An Adwords Setup fee will be charged. This Setup fee is determined by the size of your Campaign. 

2.2 A 30% Management Fee is charged on a monthly basis according to your Ad Spend. The Client can choose to pay this separate to their Budgets or we will be deducting this from the Monthly Ad Spend.

Please let us know how you would like to pay our Management fees.
 Please deduct 30% off my Monthly Ad Spend
 Please bill me 30% in addition to my Monthly Ad Spend

Account Management
The Google Adwords account will be fully managed by Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) on a Google Adwords platform.

2.1 The Client will not have access to this platform. 
2.1a Information on how we Manage your Google Adwords accounts and how we get you to be better than your Competitors is considered confidential and such information or access will not be shared in any way. We manage many clients within the same MCC (Adwords Platform) and we can by no means divulge any part of any clients accounts.

2.2 The Client will not be provided with access to make changes on their Google Adwords account. 

2.3 The Client may request changes on their Google Adwords Account in writing via email.

When are your Ads Displayed
3.1 Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) cannot guarantee that each specific Google Adwords Ad will be visible or displayed on every search made in relation to the keywords of the Ad - The Client acknowledges that the Adwords run on a cycle determined by Google based on Quality Score, Relevance, the Quality of their landing page, bid amount and expected impact of Ad Performance.

3.2 Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) cannot guarantee or affect the position that the Adwords Ad will occupy on the sponsored adverts section of the Google search results page.

3.3 The best way to know how many times your Ad was displayed and how your Adwords are performing is to watch your Monthly Statistics provided by us. We are happy to explain any and all aspects of the statistics to you and keep the performance of your Ads transparent.

Cancelations and Refunds

5.1 Adwords are paid upfront on a monthly basis and Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) will provide no refunds, discounts or credits for termination of the service including early termination

5.2 Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) reserves the right to stop managing your Google AdWords account and terminate this Agreement at any time by written (or email) notice to you. If this occurs your Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) management fee will stop immediately and no further payments will be charged.

5.3 If you wish to suspend or cancel your AdWords accounts with Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) we require 30 days notice in writing via email.

5.4 Pausing your Account - You can pause your AdWords services for up to 4 weeks every 12 months. A pause that extends longer than this period will become a cancellation and 30 days notice to cancel will apply. A new setup fee will be charged if you intend to use our services again, once a cancellation has been processed.

5.5 Upon cancelling your AdWords account management, all amounts owing to Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) will need to be paid in full; any outstanding amounts will be due within 7days of cancellation.

5.6 Clients accept that neither Adwords text nor any information as to how we run your Adwords account, will be provided to them should they wish to cancel the service. We will not assist any other person and divulge Trade secrets or any information to any 3rd party or anyone else besides an employee of Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC)

Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) will endeavour to help you obtain your online advertising goals by providing you with advice, information and technical services in relation to Search Engine advertising/marketing/Google AdWords. Unless specifically stated to the contrary in this Agreement, Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) do not guarantee any particular rate of return or performance of any online advertising on Google AdWords (including but not limited to any particular search results page/s or rankings). We cannot be held responsible for commercial outcomes which are associated with Internet marketing or management of your Google AdWords account for your business and/or websites.

Clients acknowledge and understand that the Adwords will not affect Google Organic search results.

Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) is providing an internet marketing service for a competitive price. Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) is not insuring or underwriting your chosen business model. You acknowledge that internet services are inherently subject to technical failures and disruptions from time to time.

Hosting-webdesign (SYNNCOM CC) will not be liable in any way for fines, penalties, taxes (except GST), exemplary/aggravated/punitive damages, liquidated damages, indirect/consequential losses (including loss of contract, loss of production, loss of revenue, loss of profit, lost opportunity costs, and/or other loss not arising naturally and directly according to the usual course of things) or legal costs and expenses (except reasonable legal costs awarded by a court) arising from the subject matter of this Agreement.

The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement on behalf of his or her Organisation or Business. I /We understand the Terms of Service in this Contract and I have made all effort to ask for an explanation from Hosting-webdesign Services (SYNNCOM CC) for the things I did not understand.